Find a VHDA Qualifying Home or Condo

Arlington-VA-Condos-Ballston-880-880-Pollard-St-N-624-ExteriorFinding a home that qualifies for Zero Down assistance or other financing programs does not have to be stressful. Once you determine your basic eligibility, you’re going to have to find a home or condominium in a qualifying part of Northern Virginia.  It also has to be a home, townhome or condominium that you can already basically afford. The VHDA Down Payment Program only helps with Down Payment issues, not basic monthly affordability or credit-worthiness.

The Northern Virginia real estate market can be complicated and tough to navigate on your own, particularly if this is your first time trying to purchase a home or condo. We highly recommend that you work with a professional Real Estate Agent who specializes in working with first time buyers or buying assistance programs. The creator of this informational website are here to help you successfully purchase a home in Maryland:

  • UrbanLand Company (the company running this website) has a team of first time buyer specialist Agents who regularly work with new buyers just like you. We run twice-weekly Free Home Buyer Workshops at our offices in the U Street Corridor, on Tuesdays at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings at 10am. These are small group sessions that highlight programs like VHDA and how to actually use them to buy in the DC / MD / VA markets. Check our Facebook Events calendar or email us directly to RSVP.
  • We are experts in area buying assistance programs like the Maryland Mortgage Program, the “DC Open Doors” $0 Down program and many other private lender-driven financing programs like FHA, the FHA 203k fixer-upper program, and many more. We have a track record of successfully helping area residents use these programs to actually purchase.
  • If you’re thinking of buying ‘brand new construction,” our team can strategically represent you in your dealings with the developer/builder through our New Construction Buyer Registration service offering. We have sold over 1,000 units since 2002 and also routinely represent the developers themselves in the sale of new homes.
  • There may be hidden costs tied to a property. This can include needed condo/HOA fees, parking fees, necessary repairs, quick & easy renovations, etc. It is the job of your Agent to help identify all costs!

In the meantime, we offer a free Northern Virginia home search where you can see available home listings updated by the hour. If you’d like to start looking at what is available, you may do so here. If you prefer mobile or iPad/tablet, we recommend you get our HomeSnap app now!